University of Georgia:
Fall 2019: Math 2250 (Calculus I)
Spring 2021: Math 8230 (An introduction to Heegaard Floer homology)

Columbia University:

Fall 2018: Calculus III
Spring 2018: Algebraic Topology II
Fall 2017: Calculus III
Spring 2017: Introdunction to Algebraic Topology
Fall 2016: Calculus III
Summer 2016: Ordinary Differential Equations
Spring 2016: Linear Algebra
Fall 2015: Calculus II

Sharif University:

Spring 2011: Elementary differential equations
Fall 2009: An introduction to linear algebra
Fall 2008: An introduction to linear algebra

Independent Study supervision:

Columbia University:

Spring 2016: independent reading course in Morse theory and h-cobordism theorem
Spring 2017: independent reading course in Knot Theory
Spring 2018: independent reading course in Morse Theory

Teaching Assistant

Sharif University:

Fall 2012: Differential Topology
Fall 2010: Geometry of manifolds
Spring 2009: Analysis I and Complex analysis
Spring 2008: Calculus II and Intro to differential geometry II
Fall 2007: Intro to differential geometry I
Fall 2005: Foundations of mathematics


Summer 2018: REU project on Knot Floer homology, bordered algebras and double points, Joint with Linh Truong